Edmonton Pizza & Steakhouse

The best Pizzas & Steaks in Edmonton are at Dantana Pizza! Dine in, Take-Out, or Delivery, Pizza Lovers in North Edmonton visit Dantana Pizza & Steak House for the great crust and generous toppings. Always fresh, always hot, always on time.

How do we make great pizza?

1) Make your pizza dough fresh every day. 2) For sauce, use only the tastiest of fresh ripe tomatoes, blend and let simmer with premium olive oil and a secret mix of basil, garlic and herbs. 3) Use fresh ingredients, add great cheeses and bake in a special oven.

Pizza Delivery / Pickup

Edmonton Pizza Lovers, if you can't join us at our Edmonton North location, call 780-473-3434 for Gourmet Pizza, We offer Pizza Delivery! Dantana Pizza will deliver our gourmet pizzas, piping hot to your door (you can also pickup your order). Remember, Dantana Pizza Tastes Better!

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Mother's Day 2016

Mother's Day

On Sunday, May 8, join us for Mother's Day in Edmonton. 10oz NY Steak & Lobster for $49.95.

Served with Garlic Toast + Veggies + your choice Soup or Salad + your choice of Rice or Potato (baked, mashed or french fries).

Pasta Night Tuesdays

Pasta Night

Tuesdays after 2:00 PM join us for Pasta Night in Edmonton. Order a pasta dish and get the 2nd for ½ price. A pastacular special for Fettuccine, Lasagna, Tortellini, Ravioli, and Spaghetti aficionados.

Wings Night Wednesdays

Wings Night

Wednesdays after 2:00 PM join us for Chicken Wings Night in Edmonton. Half-Price Wings! Hot and Spicy, Teriyaki, Honey Garlic, BBQ, or Salt and Pepper. (Limited Time Offer)

Ribs Night Thursdays

Ribs Night

Thursdays after 2:00 PM join us for Ribs Night in Edmonton. Only 17.95. A ribs special for lovers of Baby Back Ribs! (Limited Time Offer)

Steak & Shrimp Night Fridays

Steak & Shrimp Night

Fridays after 2:00 PM join us for Steak & Shrimp Night in Edmonton. Only 26.95 for our Surf 'n' Turf special. (Limited Time Offer)

T-Bone Steak Night Saturdays

T-Bone Steak Night

Saturdays after 2:00 PM join us for T-Bone Steak Night in Edmonton. Only 26.95. (Limited Time Offer)

Pizza Night Mondays

Pizza Night

Mondays after 2:00 PM join us for Pizza Night in Edmonton. Order one of our special pizzas and get the 2nd for ½ price. A delicious pizza deal.

Daily Lunch Specials

Daily Lunch Specials

Enjoy a hearty and delicious lunch at Dantana Pizza. NY Steak (8oz) with French Fries and Garlic Toast: $13.75. Medium Pasta: $8.95. Hot Beef Sandwich & Fries: $9.95. We've also got unadvertised daily lunch specials from 11am - 2pm.

4 Half Pizzas 3 toppings

4 Half Pizzas <small>3 toppings</small>

This pizza special is the most delicious way to split 2 pizzas 4 ways. Put whatever 3 toppings you want on each pizza half.

We start with 2 pizzas, cut them in half, and put 3 different toppings on each half, ending up with 4 unique pizza halves.


Pizza #1
Left Side: Pepperoni, Ham, Mushroom
Right Side: Beef, Mushroom, Onion

Pizza #2
Left Side: Ham, Pineapple, Green Pepper
Right Side: Pepperoni, Mushroom, Green Pepper

$31.95 for 2 Medium (10 inch) pizzas cut into 4 halves, with 3 different toppings on each half.

$39.95 for 2 large (12 inch) pizzas.
$49.95 for 2 extra large (14 inch) pizzas.

50·50 Deal

50<span style='color:#b00;'>·</span>50 Deal

Get a medium (10 inch) pizza with different toppings on each half!

For $15.95 you can get a pizza with Ham & Pineapple (or any 2 toppings) on the left side and Pepperoni & Mushroom (or any 2 toppings) on the right side.

For $16.95 you can get a pizza with any 3 toppings on the left side and a different 3 toppings on the right side.

For $17.95 you can get a pizza with a Veggie Lovers side and a Cheese Lovers side.

For $17.95 you can get a pizza with a Donair Pizza side and a BBQ Chicken side.

For $20.95, try the following combinations, but you can pick whatever one you wish for each side:

  • Super Veggie vs Meat Lovers
  • The Greek vs The Mexican
  • House Special vs Chicken Supreme
  • Dantana Deluxe vs Chicken Alfredo

Prices may change without notice